Fractis Gothicum

The Ore Syndicate Job, part 1

Ready ORE not, here comes adventure!

Our mighty heroes were presented with four invitations once word of their handling of the dreaded Courthouse got around. Heartes Phatron, Kassad, Tamalis and Urden Stonestrong settled on meeting with the Ore Syndicate’s invitation first.

The [Ore Syndicate]’s headquarters in Mazroc lie in the Broken Coin quarter on the 2nd level of the city. Upon our arrival we were conducted to the chambers where the Council of the Ore Syndicate conduct their business. There the party was grilled about the Courthouse encounter, as well as our general knowledge of the undead.

The reason for the invitation soon became clear; undead trouble. A small outer holding of the Syndicate, Ragroven Hold (Regraven? Regroven?) has reported trouble with ‘hauntings’. Ragroven Hold sits a good 90 miles away from Mazroc by foot, through a tunnel that recently suffered a cave-in, allowing monsters from the surface access to the tunnel.

A small town of about 500 souls, Ragroven Hold is known mostly for the variety of fibrous mushrooms grown in the area, useful as a replacement for wood. It also sits on the site of an old prison which was abandoned after a particularly bad fire some 50 years ago.

Our contact in Ragroven Hold would be one of the foremen, Ori by name. There we would be informed as to the particulars of the case, and hopefully be able to help Ragroven Hold and the Ore Syndicate resolve their issue.

Such a long journey is not undertaken lightly, so we set about equipping ourselves for the journey. Tamalis purchased four pack lizards (3 for equipment, 1 more just in case), and everyone was equipped with cold weather clothing for the journey. Tamalis also took the opportunity to do some research on the old prison, Harrowstone, but learned nothing other than it was a maximum security prison that was closed and abandoned after a fire 50 years ago.

The journey was fairly uneventful; the cave-in/breach was exposed to the sky but we encountered nothing in the area. We did, however, run afoul of 4 gnolls later on and handily trounced them. Stuff was looted.

(Who was treasure guy this game?)

We finally arrived at Ragroven Hold, populated with dwarves, humans and hobbits, primarily. The town contained a number of businesses and places of interest; a general store, a forge, a town hall, a jail, a temple to Azrael, an apothecary and several businesses of interest:

The Laughing Demon; known for good food and mushroom ale, as well as its card games.

The Outward Inn; this being the only actual place to stay in town.

The Unfurling Scroll: ye olde magick shoppe.

The Silk Purse: the local money lender (right next door to the Laughing Demon).



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