Fractis Gothicum

Conclusion of Harrowstone

it was no the end

Note of the honorable souls: Heartes journal entry.
After the deaths and justice for the courthouse were complete I found myself with a rough group of adventurers.
Michael saw fit to bless me with a friend – a talkative bard and a protector, dwarf who is strong in arm.
A mining operation was having people missing and one of the formen of the site was found dead. The Ore syndicate hired our group including an adolescent wizard to investigate the disappearances and death.

We traveled a week underground to the small town of Regrovenhold where many things were amiss. We spoke with some locals but the people seemed to not trust us. After healing some sick and our bard discovering some key clue about an old prison that was abandoned that lights had been seen at night. The disappearances had a trail! The formans journals gave us insight to the happening of a cult necromancer group that had been doing something to allow spirits trapped in the prison to come forth. We explored the journals map to a false crypt that armed us for this specific circumstance. We ventured in to what we quickly discovered to be a haunted prison.

A few small fights but 5 main evils in life persisted after death. We moved through the main level and discovered a woman spirit remained. She informed us of the “whispering way” cults evil actions and aided in the suppression of the spirits once we have the ( her husbands) warden badge. A room was found with enchanted items that we used against the owners, the 5 evil spirits. We continued to the top level when we encountered many skeletons trapped in cells and removed them from there suffering by the grace of Michael.

A piper: handily suppressed with the bards use of his flute.
The unrot remain of father charlatan. Soaked the remains in holy water and asked michael to remove his essence. No more of his tricks.

The only way down to the lower level was via a rope. Fire damage was the theme here. The dwarf mustered his bravery and climbed down first allowing the company to follow safely. A large hall with corridors! We follow our fond party motto of " the door on the right" and systematically went cell to cell and area to area rebuking the undead.

North The lopper. A incorporeal creature, instantaneously dropping the bard, that focus its attention on me. I spent most of my energy defending its sickening blows, but with the dwarf used the spirits own axe to lay it to rest. I quickly healed the bard and informed him of his need to become battle ready. I found him a friend but feared his soon demise in months to come if he continued with us. Well versed in only verbal skills this quest was taking its tole.

The moss water marauder. As we entered a strange room severed heads lay on a table. Once disturbed another foul spirit arouse. Now the bard quick in action saved us by opening a vial that sucked in the spirit and laid it to rest. The bard had proved his use.

We ventured down the eastern corridor again clearing the unclean. The final room we find the symbol that would hold the spirit, the wardens badge. He was tortured before he died but his will lived on after his death. All the torture and mistreating devices I had taken upon myself to destroy and now, this room saw my furry.
Michael saw fit to bless my sense on the next day, spear swift and aim true. The wizard found his strength. though young, after a mild rest his mind for battle and fierce magic power came into fruition.

The Splatter man. The true power in this unholy place lay wait in the south corridor. What we discovered through a secret passage. A spell casting spirit we had filthy rats at his aid. The dwarf double in size which was a sight to see and I saw fit to take the spirit wizard voice from him. My new skills with the long spear proved of use and michaels energy was true in me that day. Through the wizard plan, Michaels divine energy and the dwarfs power we brought peace to harrow stone and the mining town of regrovenhold.

We told the tale of what had happened in the prison and people rewarded us generously, for the means, and we left a few item to protect the town in case of resurgence. After rest and a party we headed toward mazarock. Little did we know our power would truly be tested here. In an area where the cave had collapsed and the surface shown we found a dense fog and foul scent. We stopped and the bard scouted ahead. We heard his screams and the wizard removed the fog.

A Dragon: White juvenile. He tested our grit. The first thing that we saw the bard 60 ft from me was swallowed by the dragon, all but his pair of boots.
Fear wrapped us. The wizard diapered but not before he shot a web entangling the beast. I summon a creature to aid us that showed the monster weakness… fire! The hound roared and blacked the dragons scales. The dwarf found size once again and I fit him with many blessings. The dwarf stood his ground; blow after blow claw after claw he stood. The dragons freezing breath and vicious bite could not drop him nor I. The wizard showed his true nature and returned summoning more fire creatures and shooting magic energy. I could not find my spears to pierce the dragons hide so I gave every energy I could to standing with the dwarf.

After what seemed like waging war for an age, the dragon rearing and roars was stopped as a final blast from the wizards staff brought the best to its end.
Victorious! Yet sorrow sat in my heart for the bard. I cut the head off the beast as a prize!
We gutted it and drank it blood in a ritual, keeping its hide as cloaks, claws and teeth. We burn the bard’s body in a ceremony of remembrance.
We return to mazarock after 2 more days travel.




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