One mile below the surface of the frozen wastes of Sivac Analathu rests the largest underground city in all the seven worlds, Mazroc, the City of Spice.

Founded from a battle field between drow and dwarf, the city developed as a truce after 5 centuries of fighting. Now, 300 years later Mazroc is a wealthy and exotic city where all kinds of creatures travel through the Nothra in search trade, knowledge, fame, pilgrimage, and many more motivations.

Beauty and danger abound. Take your chances and may the angels guide you.

Mazroc was founded by drow wizards 847 years ago when the Nothra was discovered that went from Chucatha to Sivac Analathu. For 300 years the drow hid this portal from the dwarves and reined ruin upon them until the war of magic exposed the Nothra and the 2 races vied for control over the portal until a third party brokered an agreement that would create a neutral zone run by a group of Nar Terin belonging to a cult of Neevesheri, a religious belief similar to Weejas but they believe in a pantheistic cult worshipping magic in its own right. Drow and dwarves agreed to set up a commerce zone for trading and to tax travelers of the nothra between Chucatha and Sivac Analathu.

The trade zone grew to enormous size as this was the only way between the worlds and because other races used it too and could find a place to call home with relatively little harassment. Due to lack of bigotry, minimal taxes and convenient travel, the zone became an outpost, then a town and now one of the largest cities in the known realms.

The city is 2000 feet underground, above is the Cromtos mountain range, a range devoid of life as snow and blizzards are year round. The place is deathly cold so that underground furnaces run by the nar terin heat the city with coal and even lava that coats the city with smoke and blackness.

Theft is common, killings as well and the courts and large and busy. Bribes are common.

The main races are dwarves, drow, humans, orcs, elves, gnomes, and ogres. But you will also find nar terin, githyanki, even an occasional shadow creature as well as other exotic races with surprising frequency.

Since the city was founded on magic, wizards are more common here than any other city. There are no less than 5 arcane universities. Teleports, dimension doors and plane shifting do not work in the city limits. All such spells cannot work anywhere near the vicinity of the nothra. Even fly spells are forbidden and anti gravity zones are randomly placed around the city to punish those who would dare to violate the law.

Mazrok is short for Math’z rakiri which in drow means “unexpected opportunity” or “lucky chance”. King’s tongue and non drow bastardized it to Mazroc or Maze Rock, due to foreign, maze like architecture that permeates the city.


Description: Bathed in grey, white and violet lights, this city of the dwarves and drow is bathed in artificial twilight . Strangely enough this light is easy to get used to but humans and surface dwellers occasionally travel to the surface just to get normal sun and vitamin D as extended darkness can lead to rickets in surface dwellers.

On yearly festivals and special occasions, the most powerful wizards, (primarily from the school of Uthmo Conjurations Syndicate ) cast powerful spells to bring full sunlight to the city. During these times the drow quarter gets covered in darkness spells and the drow stay within the confines of the otherwise painful sunlight.

Fractis Gothicum

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